We specialise in providing live and archived webcasting with unique integrated social web tools for councils, public-facing organisations and conference venues.


We enable you to live stream from council chambers, committee meetings, planning and ward committees, through to neighbourhood forums, enabling citizens watching at home to actively share the stage. Our CivicoLive platform provides greater access to council business and involves citizens in decision making, leading to transparent policy decisions.

Public facing organisations

We provide a channel for your stakeholders to watch, listen and actively participate in your organisation's meetings, briefings or events. CivicoLive can also serve internal communications needs such as briefings or staff training.


Transform conferences, AGMs and events into extraordinary, dynamic and immersing online experiences. CivicoLive offers high quality live streaming with integrated social web tools for interactive participation among the widest audience possible. Automated archives are available instantly and significantly extend exposure and capacity of the conference, helping to safeguard your conference investment.

Our Mission

Our creative passion for democracy is at the heart of everything we do.

We're inquisitive about new approaches and practices for democratic participation. We constantly monitor the latest advances in technology and trends to ensure we provide the most compelling and effective service.

Always innovating, we blend expertise, experience and a dedicated live events team to provide you with a complete system.

Who we are

Daniel Cremin
Managing Director

Daniel Cremin, the founding director of CivicoLive, first recognised the capacities of emerging web technologies to improve local democracy, at the intersection between people and the public sector, as a pioneer in the field of online broadcasting.
With a broader background in community regeneration initiatives for local authorities, Daniel now harnesses his wealth of experience to enhance local democratic engagement.
Yves Wheeler
Front-end Software Developer

Yves Wheeler, is CivicoLives's BAFTA award winning frontend developer.
Yves brings his long nights of coding experience from the labyrinths of the gaming industry to take Civico development up to a new level.
Paul Brookfield
Chief Technical Officer

Paul Brookfield is the Chief Technical Officer for Civico and oversees the development of the Civico platform and is responsible for the development of the technical infrastructure for the company.

Paul began his career developing software for the tightly regulated pharmaceutical industry, and has experience in the creation and implementation of new technology platforms, as well as a passion for creating the best possible solution for any problem, large or small.
Kipp Jones
Web Development

Kipp Jones leads CivicoLive's graphic design process and translates his passion for the social web and clean design to visually communicate Civico's simple and readily accessible user experience.

Guided by the practical needs of the user, Kipp balances traditional graphic, contemporary design and a team of screen media craft skills, to offer a refreshing visual experience to the platform that enhances function and experience across the user interface.
Jon Bounds
Social Media Coordinator

Jon Bounds crafted his early broadcasting skills as a designer of interactive media with the BBC.

In the tradition of social flâneur, he is now regarded as one of the UK's first and leading exponent of social media. Jon has been a guiding force behind the development of CivicoLive Software-as-a-Service approach since 08.

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